Alternative Fufu Flour

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  • 12 Single Packs of Premiu..

    12 Single Packs of Premiu..

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  • 12 Single Packs of Superi..

    12 Single Packs of Superi..

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    Health Enhanced Superior Fufu Flour is a nutritional powerhouse for the health conscious fufu consumer. Use Superior Fufu Flour in place of garri, yam fufu, cassava fufu or plantain fufu.
    Here’s why fufu consumers love Superior Fufu Flour:
    1. 10g Protein and 8g Fiber per serving; may help you eat less, feel fuller and alert
    2. Minimizes blood sugar fluctuations following meals; may be favorable to diabetics
    3. Made with a blend of natural and unprocessed flour without additives
    4. High in dietary fiber and “good” fat which may promote colon health and reduce the risk of heart disease
    5. Rich in manganese and magnesium; trace minerals that may help to regulate brain and nerve functions.
    6. Rich in iron, folic acids and antioxidants
    7. Feels like real fufu, stays fresh longer and satisfying
    8. 100% Wholesome and nourishing

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