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About Health Enhanced Foods

Health Enhanced Foods is a wholesale flour blend manufacturer with a specialty bakery in Rockaway, NJ.  Health Enhanced Foods manufactures and packages a variety of high quality flour blends to serve the health conscious consumer. We market a variety of baking and breakfast mixes for the health conscious consumer market. We also manufacture health enhanced fufu products to serve the ethnic market.

We believe our fufu products are the best choice for the health conscious fufu consumer because they are wholesome, natural and nutritious. So use health enhanced fufu products, Superior Fufu Flour and and Premium fufu Flour, in place of traditional fufu flour such as yam fufu, plantain fufu and cassava fufu flour.  Our breakfast products  are also wholesome, natural and nutritious and are great for pancakes, muffins and waffles. Our health enhanced bread products are made from grains that are unprocessed wholesome and nutrient packed flour. Our use of natural and unprocessed flour in all of our products help to retain their natural nutritional benefits.

Visit us at www.HealthEnhancedFoods.com, Facebook.com/Health Enhanced Foods or call 641 793 6244.


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